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Unlimited Trial Version
This version has all of the features and functionality of DialogGen. There are no limits to the variety or quantity of elements that can be incorporated into your dialogs and there is no limit on the length of time or the number of times that you use DialogGen to create and/or display dialogs. You can even distribute them to others (see below). There is however a small message that is randomly appended to bottom of every 8th dialog or so that reminds you that this is a trial version and invites you to upgrade to the professional version. If you don't mind the messages, there is no difference between this version and the professional version. But if you find DialogGen as useful as we think you will, we of course encourage you to upgrade to the next version.
Download it now for free
Professional Version
This is the version for those of you who prefer a more professional looking interface and/or those of you who don't mind paying a very reasonable price for quality software. Upgrading is easy. When you purchase the upgrade to this version, we will send you a key file. Once this file has been copied onto your system, those little reminder messages are history. And it works retroactively too - removing the messages from dialogs that you have already created.
Distribution Version
If you write programs that use DialogGen to create their dialog interfaces and you want to distribute these programs to co-workers, clients, customers etc, you may do so freely. You will need to distribute DialogGen along with your programs so that it will be there to generate the dialogs when needed. This is allowed under the software license agreement . However, unless these other folks then upgrade to the Professional Version, they will see the occasional 'little message'. To avoid this, get the Distribution Version. It encodes your dialog definitions in such a way that the little messages will not appear even when your dialogs are being generated and viewed on computers that only have the Free Version.
*all prices are in US dollars and are subject to change