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It may be difficult to think of an era of Space Shuttles and MTV as being primitive, but in many ways the computer business was still in its infancy in the 1980s. It was in this monochrome age of MS-DOS and floppy disks that Beowolf Technologies was founded and for two revolutionary decades we have been producing acclaimed software products and providing expert custom programming solutions.

In the beginning, Beowolf Technologies developed software solutions for the AutoCAD market. Among Beowolf's early products were PolySel (a fully integrated polygon fencing selection utility for AutoCAD years before AutoCAD itself had that capability), and early versions of the LISP Generator and PlineWeeder both of which are still available today. In the earliest days of the World Wide Web, Beowolf began providing web-based services ranging from page design and HTML coding to web hosting. This lead to the founding of 4Front, Beowolf Technologies' web services division, in 1995.

By far the most successful product has been the LISP Generator. Unlike most products which are developed in response to a particular need or demand, the concept for the Generator came about as result of wondering what the ultimate CAD software product would be. The answer - a program that anyone could use to create any other program. Being at least an order of magnitude more complex than anything else we were aware of at the time, it was unclear at first whether such a program was even possible. This was 1989 and by 1990 the first release LISP Generator was complete. Nearly two decades, and many versions, later it is still the only such program for AutoLISP or AutoCAD. The LISP Generator is responsible for the bulk of our extensive client list.

In 2000, Beowolf Technologies moved its offices from the One Kilburn Building in Littleton, New Hampshire to our current location on Main Street in neighboring Bethlehem, New Hampshire.

Beowolf has continued to develop and release both updates to our existing products as well as completely new products. At the end of 2007, Beowolf released the Dialog Generator. This remarkable software does for AutoCAD dialogs what the LISP Generator does for AutoLISP code. But there is much more to come. Beowolf has products currently in development that are unlike anything you have ever seen - 'the revolution is coming'...

In case you were wondering, that cheerful face appearing in the upper left is the Beowulf-era helmet unearthed at Sutton Hoo and housed in the British Museum.