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Whether we are producing acclaimed software products or providing expert custom programming and web-based services, Beowolf Technologies has consistantly delivered innovative, high quality software solutions for nearly two decades.

More than 18 years on the market and it's still the one-and-only LISP program generator for AutoCAD. This highly acclaimed program is by far Beowolf's most popular.
NEW - Beowolf's newest product does for AutoCAD Dialog boxes what the LISP Generator does for AutoLISP code. The Dialog Generator allows for the easy construction of dialogs and for their fully-integrated implementation from any routine without any programming or the need for any DCL files. Download the free version today!
Another long-term fixture in the Beowolf line-up, this highly specialized program reduces the size of polyline-intensive drawings to a fraction of their previous size by removing unnecessary vertices according to a selection of proprietary algorithms.
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the revolution is coming
The new Dialog Generator is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned - you won't believe what's coming.
Drawing on 20 years of expertise, we provide customized programming services specializing in AutoLISP, Visual LISP, Common LISP, Visual Basic, and C.
4Front was founded in the early days of the World Wide Web as Beowolf Technologies web-specialized division. Since then, 4Front has been providing web-based services ranging from design and production to web hosting.